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Chapter 9 Learning Objectives

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1. Provide an overview of the prevalence and types of sexual expression reported by the NSSHB American study and comment on the location of “making love” on the happiness scale.

Textbook Reference: People Derive Pleasure from Diverse Sexual Behaviors, pp. 251–252

2. Review the historical perceptions, practice, prevalence, and attitudes toward masturbation both in Westernized societies and others.

Textbook Reference: Masturbation Is a Very Common Form of Sexual Expression, pp. 252–258

3. Outline the different masturbation techniques and approaches used by heterosexual men and women, and contrast this to the masturbatory practices among homosexual men and women.

Textbook Reference: Masturbation Is a Very Common Form of Sexual Expression, pp. 252–258

4. Review the different types of noncoital sexual behaviors from kissing to heavy petting and their relationships to foreplay, afterplay, and the main sexual event.

Textbook Reference: The Kiss Represents True Love—Sometimes, p. 258; Sexual Touching Takes Many Forms, p. 258

5. Describe the different forms of oral sex and comment on the physiological and demographic issues that pertain to them.

Textbook Reference: Oral Sex Is Increasingly Popular, pp. 259–261

6. Provide an overview of coitus—its importance and variety in human sexuality, as well as some of the advantages and biomechanics of certain coital positions.

Textbook Reference: Most Sexual Encounters Include Coitus, pp. 261–265

7. Discuss the procedure and practice of anal sex in heterosexual and homosexual sex and its historical acceptance in America.

Textbook Reference: Anal Sex May Be a Part of Either Heterosexual or Male Homosexual Behavior, pp. 265–267

8. Briefly compare and contrast male and female objectives in sexual encounters and the results of recent research findings in this area.

Textbook Reference: Men and Women May Have Different Preferences for Sexual Encounters, pp. 267–268

9. Provide a capsule review of the use of the major sex toys in the various types of sexual relationships.

Textbook Reference: Sex Toys Are Used to Enhance Sexual Pleasure, pp. 268–270

10. Compare and contrast the sex lives of the Aka people with people of ancient and contemporary India.

Textbook Reference: There Are Cultural Variations in Sexual Behavior and Attitudes, pp. 270–274

11. Review the impact of both physical and intellectual disability on sexual expression and comment on possible solutions to the challenges presented by the major types of disabilities.

Textbook Reference: Many Disabled People Have Active Sex Lives, pp. 274–278