Chapter 19 Flashcards & Key Terms

adult bookstore
Euphemism for a store dealing in pornography.
A house of prostitution.
call girl
An escort-service prostitute, especially one who is relatively upscale in terms of clientele and price.
Removal of laws that criminalize activities such as prostitution.
Sexually themed works, such as books or sculpture, deemed to have literary or artistic merit.
escort service
A service that provides prostitutes, generally contacted by telephone.
Euphemism for a prostitute who advertises by print, word of mouth, or the Internet.
A male prostitute who caters to women.
Related to explicit pornography, such as images of penetrative sex and ejaculation.
A male prostitute.
legalization with regulation
Conversion of an activity such as prostitution from a crime to a governmentally regulated occupation.
A woman who manages a brothel or an escort service.
massage parlor
An establishment for massage that may also offer the services of prostitutes.
Related to sexually themed publications, art, films, performances, or behavior that is deemed offensive to public morals or that violates legal standards of acceptability.
phone sex
Erotic telephone conversations, usually carried out for pay.
A man who manages prostitutes in exchange for part of their earnings.
Material (such as art, writing, photographic images, and film) that is intended to be sexually arousing. Also called porn or porno.
The practice of engaging in sex for pay.
sex trader
A person who exchanges sex for money, drugs, or other benefits; a broader term than prostitute.
sex worker
A person who engages in prostitution, pornography, or another sex-related occupation.
Sending nude or sexually explicit photographs of oneself via mobile phone.
sexually explicit materials
A nonjudgmental phrase denoting pornography.
Related to relatively nonexplicit pornography.
transnational trafficking of women
Transportation of women from one country to another, usually for purposes of prostitution.
underage pornography
Pornography involving models or actors who are minors.
Obsolete or slang term for a brothel.