Chapter 18 Flashcards & Key Terms

battered-woman syndrome
A version of post-traumatic stress disorder affecting women who are victims of intimate partner violence, characterized especially by a cessation of attempts to escape from the abusive situation.
Stalking via the Internet.
date rape
Rape between dating or socially acquainted couples. Also called acquaintance rape.
delusional stalking
Stalking motivated by the delusional belief that the victim is in love with, or could be persuaded to fall in love with, the stalker.
The ability to share or understand other people’s feelings.
The delusional belief that a sexually desired but unattainable person is actually in love with oneself.
exposure therapy
A form of psychotherapy for victims of rape or abuse in which they are encouraged to recall the traumatic event in a safe environment.
gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB)
A central nervous system depressant that has been used to facilitate rape.
grudge stalking
Nonsexual revenge stalking.
hostile-environment harassment
Sexual harassment involving a pattern of conduct that creates an intimidating work environment.
intimate partner stalking
Stalking of a current or former spouse or other intimate partner.
intimate partner violence
Violence between sex partners.
ketamine (“K”)
An anesthetic and recreational drug that has been used to facilitate rape.
obsessive relational intrusion
Obsessive pursuit of a person by a rejected lover.
quid pro quo harassment
Unwelcome sexual advances, usually made to a worker in a subordinate position, accompanied by promises or threats.
rape shield laws
Laws that protect rape victims, for example, by limiting the introduction of evidence about their prior sexual behavior.
rape trauma syndrome
A cluster of persistent physical and psychological symptoms seen in rape victims; comparable to post-traumatic stress disorder.
Coitus (and sometimes other penetrative sex acts) accomplished by force or the threat of force.
A tranquilizer that has been used to facilitate rape.
sexual assault
Coercive or nonconsensual sexual contact: a broader category of behaviors than rape.
sexual harassment
Unwanted sexual advances or other intimidating sexual behavior, usually in the workplace.
Obsessive pursuit of a previous, current, or desired sex partner in such a way as to put that person in a state of fear.
statutory rape
Penetrative sex when a partner is legally unable to give consent on account of young age, intellectual disability, or unconsciousness.