Chapter 16 Flashcards & Key Terms

Difficulty experiencing or inability to experience orgasm. In women, also called female orgasmic disorder.
coital alignment technique (CAT)
A variation of the man-above position for coitus that increases clitoral stimulation.
compulsive sexual behavior
Sexual behavior perceived subjectively as involuntary and diagnosed as a symptom of a compulsive disorder. Also called obsessive–compulsive sexual disorder.
delayed ejaculation
Difficulty achieving or inability to achieve orgasm and/or ejaculation. Also called male orgasmic disorder.
discrepant sexual desire
The situation in which one partner in a relationship has much more interest in sex than the other.
Pain during coitus.
erectile dysfunction
A persistent inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient to accomplish a desired sexual behavior such as coitus to orgasm. Earlier known as impotence.
female sexual arousal disorder
Insufficient physiological arousal in women, such as to make sex unpleasurable or painful.
Excessive sexual desire or behavior.
hypoactive sexual desire disorder
Low or absent interest in sex, when this condition causes distress. Also called low sexual desire.
Producing insufficient levels of sex hormones.
Kegel exercises
Exercises to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, with the aim of improving sexual function or alleviating urinary leakage.
penile implant
An implanted device for treatment of erectile dysfunction.
persistent genital arousal disorder
Long-lasting physiological arousal in women, unaccompanied by subjective arousal or pleasure.
premature ejaculation
Ejaculation before the man wishes, often immediately on commencement of coitus. Also called rapid ejaculation.
primary disorder
A disorder that is not preceded by any period of healthy function.
prostaglandin E1 (alprostadil)
A hormone that is injected into the penis to produce an erection.
secondary disorder
A disorder that follows some period of healthy function.
sensate focus
A form of sex therapy that involves graduated touching exercises.
sex therapist
A person who treats sexual disorders, usually by means of psychotherapy and sexual exercises.
sexual addiction
The idea that a person may be addicted to certain forms of sexual behavior by a mechanism similar to that of substance addiction.
situational disorder
A disorder that appears only in certain circumstances.
stop-start method
A sex therapy technique for the treatment of premature ejaculation that involves alternating between stimulating and not stimulating the penis.
vacuum constriction system
A device for treating erectile dysfunction that creates a partial vacuum around the penis, thus drawing blood into the erectile tissue.
vaginal dilator
A plastic cylinder used to enlarge the vagina or to counteract vaginismus.
Inability to experience coitus due to spasm of the muscles surrounding the outer vagina combined with pain, or fear of pain.
vulvar vestibulitis syndrome
A form of dyspareunia marked by inflammation of the vestibule and increased tension in pelvic floor muscles.