Chapter 15 Flashcards & Key Terms

A fetishistic interest in amputees or amputation stumps.
adult baby
An adult who obtains sexual satisfaction from acting as a baby or toddler.
A fetishistic interest in having an amputation.
autoerotic asphyxia
Self-strangulation for purposes of sexual arousal.
A form of male-to-female transexuality characterized by a man’s sexual arousal at the thought of being or becoming a woman.
aversion therapy
A form of behavior therapy that attempts to eliminate unwanted desires or behaviors by associating them with some unpleasant experience, such as a noxious smell.
An all-inclusive term for forms of sexual expression that involve inflicting and receiving physical pain, restraint, or humiliation. Often construed as a compressed acronym for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism.
behavior therapy
Treatment of paraphilias or other disorders based on conditioning or other theories of behavioral psychology. Also called behavior modification.
Obsolete term for sexual contact between a person and an animal.
The use of physical restraint for purposes of sexual arousal.
child molester
An adult who has had sexual contact with a prepubescent child.
cognitive therapy
Therapy based on changing a person’s beliefs and thought processes.
The modification of behavior by learning through association and/or reinforcement.
courtship disorder
A paraphilia or cluster of paraphilias seen as a disorder of normal courtship behavior.
covert sensitization
A variation of aversion therapy in which the unpleasant experience is provided by the subject’s own imagination.
Wearing the clothing of the other sex, for any of a variety of reasons.
cycle of abuse
The cycle in which some abused children grow up to repeat similar forms of abuse on others. Also called victim–perpetrator cycle.
The use of humiliation or subservience for purposes of sexual arousal.
A woman who acts the role of the dominating partner in a BDSM setting.
The wearing of exaggeratedly feminine clothing by a man, often for entertainment purposes.
A paraphilia involving exposure of the genitalia to strangers, sometimes with masturbation; also called “flashing.”
extrafamilial child molester
A person who has had sexual contact with children outside his immediate family.
Sexual arousal by inanimate objects, materials, or parts of the body.
A paraphilia involving touching or rubbing the clothed genitals against a stranger without their consent or without their knowledge, as in a crowded public place.
Good Lives model
A form of therapy for sex offenders that focuses on improving the subject’s ability to achieve a broad range of life goals.
A specific sexual attraction to male-to-female transgenders or transexuals.
An adult whose sexual attraction is directed mainly to pubescent children.
Excessive sexual desire or behavior.
indecent exposure
The crime of exposing the genitals or female breasts in public—exact legal definitions vary.
intrafamilial child molester
A person who has had sexual contact with his own children or stepchildren. Also called incest offender.
Sexual arousal from being subjected to pain, bondage, or humiliation.
masturbatory reconditioning
A form of behavior therapy that uses the pleasure of orgasm to increase sexual arousal to previously non-arousing targets.
media fetishism
Sexual attraction to materials such as rubber or silk. Also called material fetishism.
A paraphilia involving sexual arousal from viewing or having contact with dead bodies.
object fetishism (or objectophilia)
Sexual arousal by inanimate objects.
Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD)
A mental disorder marked by anxiety, repetitive thoughts or urges, and behaviors that temporarily relieve those urges.
An unusual form of sexual arousal or behavior that is considered to be a psychological problem.
Fetishistic attraction to specific parts of the body.
A person whose sexual feelings are directed mainly toward prepubescent children.
The tendency of convicted offenders to reoffend.
relapse prevention therapy
Therapy aimed at training a person to avoid or cope with situations that trigger the undesirable behavior.
Sexual arousal by the infliction of pain, bondage, or humiliation on others, or by witnessing the recipient’s suffering.
sadomasochism (S/M)
The infliction and acceptance of pain or humiliation as a means of sexual arousal.
selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)
A class of drugs, including antidepressants such as Prozac, that depress sexual function.
sexual sadism disorder
Sexual arousal by the suffering of others, viewed as a paraphilia.
telephone scatalogia
Sexual arousal from making obscene telephone calls.
Wearing clothes of the other sex for purposes of sexual arousal. Sometimes applied to cross-dressing for any reason.
A paraphilia involving spying on persons while they are undressing, naked, or engaged in sex.
A persistent preference for sexual contacts with animals, considered as a paraphilia.