Chapter 10 Flashcards & Key Terms

attachment theory
The idea that relationship styles are influenced by the quality of the early parent–child bond.
behavioral couples therapy (BCT)
Therapy focused on improving styles of communication between partners in relationships.
casual sex
Sexual encounters that do not take place within a durable sexual relationship.
The cognitive component of love: the decision to maintain a relationship.
dating relationship
A nonmarital sexual relationship between two persons who do not live together but who see each other on a more-or-less regular basis.
delusional jealousy
Persistent false belief that one’s partner is involved with another person.
emotional jealousy
Fear that one’s partner is becoming emotionally committed to another person.
emotionally focused couples therapy
Therapy focused on uncovering emotional problems that harm relationships.
extra-pair relationship
A sexual relationship in which at least one of the partners is already married to or partnered with someone else.
The tendency of sexually partnered couples, or married couples, to resemble each other in a variety of respects.
hooking up
Uncommitted sex with an acquaintance.
interpersonal scripts
Patterns of behavior that develop between couples.
The sense of connectedness in an established relationship.
Fear that a partner may be sexually or emotionally unfaithful.
The traditional Latino culture of manliness, which delineates sharp gender roles and gives men certain obligations and privileges.
obsessive relational intrusion
Obsessive pursuit of a person by a rejected lover.
The overwhelming feeling of attraction typical of the early stage of a loving relationship.
serial monogamy
Engagement in a series of monogamous relationships.
sexual jealousy
Fear that one’s partner is engaging in sexual contacts with another person.
Obsessive pursuit of a previous, current, or desired sex partner in such a way as to put that person in a state of fear.
A person who is seeking to establish a romantic relationship with another.
unrequited love
Love that is not reciprocated.