Chapter 7 Flashcards & Key Terms

A form of male-to-female transexuality characterized by a man’s sexual arousal at the thought of being or becoming a woman.
Related to the aspects of the mind that process knowledge or information.
congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH)
A congenital defect of hormonal metabolism in the adrenal gland, causing the gland to secrete excessive levels of androgens.
The idea that one nation, race, or species is subject to understandings or rules different from those to which all others are subject.
gender constancy
A child’s understanding that sex is a fixed attribute.
gender dysphoria
The unhappiness caused by discordance between a person’s anatomical sex and gender identity.
gender identity
A person’s subjective sense of being male or female.
gender role
The expression of gender identity in social behavior.
gender schema
A collection of ideas about gender that influences perception and judgment.
The collection of psychological traits that differ between males and females.
Surgical construction of a small penis from a clitoris.
The collection of mental and behavioral traits, especially those related to emotions and attitudes, that characterizes an individual.
real-life experience
A period of living in the role of the other sex as a prelude to sex reassignment.
sex-reassignment surgery
Surgery to change a person’s genitals or other sexual characteristics.
sexual orientation
The direction of a person’s sexual feelings toward persons of the same sex, the other sex, or both sexes.
sexual scripts
Socially negotiated roles that govern sexual behavior.
trans man (or transman)
A female-to-male transexual.
trans woman (or transwoman)
A male-to-female transexual.
transexual (or transsexual)
A person who identifies with the other sex and who seeks to transition to the other sex by means of hormone treatment and sex-reassignment surgery. Transexuals can be male-to-female (M-to-F) or female-to-male (F-to-M).
Having a gender identity that is discordant with one’s anatomical sex.
Changing one’s physical sex and social gender.
Wearing clothes of the other sex for purposes of sexual arousal. Sometimes applied to cross-dressing for any reason.